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Game rules

1. No In-Game Chat Abuse.
To ensure that gameplay is pleasant for everyone, the use of vulgar language or spamming the chat with excessive text dialog is strictly against the rules. There are a large number of things that fall under this rule, so THINK before you hit that enter button!

Examples of violations of this rule include:
  • Excessive use of vulgar or profane language.
  • Shouting at other players in uppercase (Caps Lock)
  • Harassing one or multiple players
  • Racism, Sexism, and other discriminatory remarks
  • Spamming the chat with excessive lines of pointless text
  • Advertising other games or game websites
  • Discussing or planning illegal activities with other players
  • Not listening to a moderator or other RPG MO staff member
  • Promoting the use of drugs
  • Offensive conversations, which can include politics and religion
  • Arguing in chat, whether with other players or RPG MO staff
2. No Botting/Macroing.
While playing RPG MO, you must be at your computer when your character is performing any actions, and may not use a program, auto-clicker, or additional software to make it easier to train or gather resources. This is to prevent players from AFK training, or training their accounts while they're asleep/busy with real life. Any accounts that are found to be botting will be permanently jailed and banned.
3. No Interaction Between Multiple Accounts.
Although you are allowed to have multiple accounts (A maximum of FIVE) and are allowed to have a maximum of two accounts logged in at one time, you may not have them interact. Any accounts that are found to be interacting with each other who have the same owner can be permanently jailed and banned. This rule includes:
  • You may not trade between your accounts. Examples for this rule are:
    • You may not use a secondary "slave" account (“alts) to gather resources to give to a "primary" account (“main”) for skill training.
    • You may not use accounts for storage space, and selling the resources gathered on one account to gain money on another.
    • You may not give items to your friend, so he/she gives them to your alt, in the end it's still trading between same player accounts. Bypassing the mechanism that prevents trading with your alternate accounts is a bannable offense.
  • You may not be on the same map and the same world with two accounts at the same time. Examples for this rule are:
    • Main accounts are not allowed to escort, or clear mob path, for lower level alternate characters.
    • You may not fight the same boss on the same world with your alt and your main at the same time.
    • You may not have your alt and your main in the same tower/cathedral at the same world at the same time.
    • Your main character and your alt are not allowed to be in the same party quest dungeon.
    • A player may not participate in boss retaliation with more than one account at the same time.
    • Interacting with your alts in the arena is not allowed either. Those who break this rule will be kicked from the arena. If you are found again breaking this rule, you and your alts will not be allowed to join the arena for a week.
    • You are not allowed to have your alts in the same world on PvP. No-man’s land and No-man’s-dungeon count as one map for the purpose of this rule Attacking one player with 2 accounts is alt interaction and abuse.
4. No Scamming.
Although it states that you should never trust anyone you talk to in RPG MO, that doesn't give you the right to attempt to abuse others by misinforming them with false information in order to gain a personal advantage over them. Players should use reasonable price when putting up buy or sell offers. You may be contacted by a moderator if the price seems too unreasonable and have your marketing permissions revoked temporarily.

Examples of violations of this rule include:
  • Convincing someone that an item is worth more than it really is.
  • Begging (There's lots of opportunities to get money for new as well as old players, just asking in chat to get free money will more likely get you ignored)
  • Convincing someone that an item is worthless so that they will give it to you
  • Convincing someone to share their password with you
  • Asking for real-life information such as phone numbers
  • Convincing someone that the rules are different from what they really are
5. No Cheating or Bug Abuse.
Although the majority of the newly added content to the game is bug free, sometimes the developers miss bugs that can be abused by players. The use of any bugs for your own personal benefit is against the rules because it gives you an unfair advantage over the rest of the community.
6. No Real World Trading.
Under no circumstances should players exchange items or money that they have earned in-game for real life pay outside of RPG MO. The only way to acceptably use real-world currency to purchase in-game items is through the approved MOS system, accessible by clicking the bottom right-hand corner of the game.

Examples of violations of this rule include:
  • Purchasing an account for real world currency.
  • Purchasing items for real world currency
  • Purchasing gold for real world currency
  • Purchasing any of the above items by doing a favor in real-life
  • Trading accounts with another person
7. No abuse of the daily login feature.
The purpose of the daily login bonus is for players to login and play, not stay logged in idle. If a player has been idle for 2 days or more, they are subject to being kicked from the server.
8. No offensive names allowed.
When you create a character, choose a name that is appropriate (which means it must comply with the rules for talking in [EN]). You will be asked to change offensive names you make and will be kicked from the server. Any name that contains or implies cursing, sex, bigotry, drugs, harassment or anything similar will not be condoned.
Players who continue to create offensive names after being warned will be banned.
9. No trolling the market.
Don't put up unrealistic personal or public offers or flood the market with single resources (for example 10 offers for 1 Fir Log for 10.000 each)
10. No refunds.
Purchases are all final and not refundable. Attempts to refund purchases will result termination of that account and accounts associated with that account.
11. No account sharing.
No sharing your character. Only you are allowed to play your character. This includes giving your character to another person after you have leveled it.
12. Content.
If you make any content available on or through our Game, you agree to give us permission to use, copy, modify, adapt, distribute, and publicly display that content. This permission is irrevocable, and you also agree to let us permit other people to use, copy, modify, adapt, distribute, and publicly display your content. You are not giving up your ownership rights in your content, you are just giving us and other users permission to use it. For example, we may need to copy, reformat, and distribute content that you post on our website so others can read it. If you don't want to give us these permissions, do not make content available on or through our Game. Please think carefully before you make any content available, because it may be made public and might even be used by other people in a way you don't like.

If you are going to make something available on or through our Game, it must not be offensive to people or illegal, it must be honest, and it must be your own creation. Some examples of the types of things you must not make available using our Game include: posts that include racist or homophobic language; posts that are bullying or trolling; posts that are offensive or that damage our or another person's reputation; posts that include porn or someone else's creation or image; or posts that impersonate a moderator or try to trick or exploit people.
Any content you make available on our Game must also be your creation or you must have permission or the legal right to do it. You must not and you agree that you will not make any content available, using the Game that infringes the rights of others.

We reserve the right to take down any content in our discretion.

The in-game chat rules can be found at https://mo.ee/chatrules.html

Privacy policy can be found at https://mo.ee/privacy.html

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Currently playing: ??
2X experience!
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