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Chat rules

1. Listen to RPG MO Staff Members.

Game Admins speak in orange text, chat moderators speak in green. These are your staff members. Listen to them.
  • If you are asked to stop doing something but continue, you can be muted.

2. Use the correct chat channels.

There are different chat channels, each having their own purpose. If someone talks to you in [EN], be sure to reply in [EN], and so forth.
  • [EN] and [E1]-[E9] are English-only channels. [EN], [E1]-[E9] and all party dungeon chat channels, [1A], [2A], [1B], [2C] etc, are PG rated. No discussions that are inappropriate for kids are allowed in those channels.
    • No cursing in [EN], [E1]-[E9] and all party dungeon chat channels. Yes, there are filters to filter out cursing, even if the filters don't catch it, it is still cursing in these channels. No typing **** or S*** either. That is still implied cursing. Currently running more relaxed chat rules test https://forums.mo.ee/viewtopic.php?f=12&t=9392
    • No drugs, alcohol and/or sexual talk in [EN], [E1]-[E9] and all party dungeon channels, nor implications of these topics. Drugs, alcohol and sex are not PG rated conversations.
  • [18] is mature-rated, English-only channel. However, certain topics and actions are still not allowed here (details outlined below).
    • You may curse in [18], but not excessively. A few curse words are ok, but you cannot spam or overuse them.
  • [EN] is a RPG MO related topics channel only. This channel is to talk about RPG MO and ask questions about it.
  • [E2] is a general English channel.
  • [$$] is a trade channel only. Use it only for the purposes of buying and selling. [EN] rules apply to [$$]
  • All other language channels are for the specific language only. These channels follow the rules of the [18] channel. (To access these channels, go to Filters > Channels > [pick the channel you want] > Subscribe.)

3. No In-Game Abuse.

  • No harassing or insulting other players. (Joking is allowed if it's not extreme and the other player does not take offense.)
  • No racism, sexism, hurtful or other discriminatory remarks.
  • No extremely offensive conversations. (This can include conversations about politics and religion, as some people get offended with these topics. Chat moderators may use their discretion in determining the inappropriateness of a topic.)
  • No pornographic descriptions in any chat channel. Links to pornography or any pornographic sites are not allowed.
  • No antagonizing chat moderators or admins in chat. They are there to help out the players, don't complicate their task by badmouthing them.

4. No discussing or planning illegal activities with other players.

5. No advertising other games, game websites, or voice chat.

Discussions of other games are allowed only in the [18] and [E3] channels, or whispers. Voice chat links may only be advertised in forum posts unless a player specifically asks for link in game, then it may be WHISPERED to the player that asked. Mods may use their discretion in deciding what constitutes advertising.

6. No Caps Lock.

One (small) word in a sentence is acceptable, but not the whole sentence. For example, "I just hit 40 Def YAY!" and "OMG, I just died!" are ok. If it's used to imply yelling, or if it's used in excess, it's unacceptable.

7. No spam. Definitions of spam:

  • Sending the same message over and over again.
  • Sending duel requests over and over again.
  • Pointless messages meant to annoy others.
  • Random, meaningless messages.
  • Guild advertising.
  • If you get muted repeatedly by the server for spamming, in any channel, including player owned channels, you will be muted for a day, and if repeated offenses still occur, you can be muted for a week.

8. No trolling. Definitions of trolling:

  • Deliberately provoking another player via cynical or sarcastic remarks.
  • Do not annoy other players with a made up language.
  • Do not log in with another alt and ask questions about the game you already know.
  • Baiting others to send an angry or offensive response to you.
  • Knowingly giving false information about RPG MO.
  • It is up to a moderator to decide what other behavior is considered trolling.

9. No discussions about Botting / Scripting / Bug Abuse or other game-abusing activities.

  • Do not call out a player publically with accusations of botting. If you suspect a player is botting, whisper a moderator with details about the person's actions and location.
  • Do not say that you are going to bot or explain how to bot. Answering the question “What is botting?” with the answer “Using a program to play a game for you” or something similar is acceptable, but no further details are accepted.

10. No Scamming. This includes:

  • Convincing a player that something is worth more than what it really is so they will pay you more for it.
  • Begging (There's lots of opportunities to get money for new as well as old players, just asking in chat to get free money will more likely get you ignored)
  • Convincing a player that something is worthless so they will give it to you.
  • Convincing a player to share their password with you.
  • Asking for real life information such as phone numbers.
  • Convincing a player the rules are different from what they truly are.

11. Use common sense, think before you speak.

If you are about to say something that you would not want to be said to you, it's a good idea to keep that thought to yourself. Part of the moderators' responsibilities is to ensure that EN chat remains friendly to all. If a decent portion of chat is not happy with the current discussion, moderators can request the discussion to end, and mute if necessary. This includes arguments in chat.

12. No mute evasions.

Don't bring in an alt to ask or whine about being muted on other character. And don't violate a rule and log off immediately after to avoid getting muted.
  • Violators will be muted on their next log in. And repeat offenders can be banned.

13. It is up to the staff member(s) that is/are online at the time what the consequence is for the offense.

Standard consequences are as follows (but can change depending on the severity of the situation):
  1. First time offense gets a warning.
  2. Repeated offense after ignoring warning will be muted. Mutes can last up to an hour or 1 week.
  3. Habitual offenders can be auto muted, permamuted, or banned without warning, especially if you very well know the chat rules and choose to break them anyway.

14. No bickering in public chat about the decision that was made or about the chat rules.

You may whisper a staff member if you wish to discuss the decision that was made as to not disrupt chat. And if you are still not satisfied, contact support@mo.ee since the game admins have the final say.

15. No sexting.

No sexting allowed, not even in whisper. Due to the fact that sexting is illegal when involving minors, it is not allowed in game. You never know if the person on the other end of the computer is of legal age or not. Even in places where there are no specific laws against sexting with minors, the offenders can be punished by child pornography laws. If someone sexts you in whisper, please report to active mod or admin so that we can keep the game legal and active.

16. Be at your computer if your character is not idle.

If your character is actively performing a task in-game, you should be at or near your computer. This does not apply if your character is standing in place doing nothing. If a moderator whispers you and asks you to respond, it's important that you do. That moderator may be following up on a "botting report" and if you fail to respond, the moderator may take additional measures to insure you are at your computer or to disrupt your activities. A simple reply can avoid unnecessary hassle or possible disciplinary measures.

17. Player owned chat channels and guild chat:

These channels are not moderated by game moderators, but are expected to follow the same rules as channel 18. These channels are not to be used for any illegal purposes. No sexting, no real life trading, no threatening other players, etc. Players can report things that happen in those channels via right click, report. Please make sure that if you own a channel, you moderate it to follow these rules.

Report Feature

Once you have 4 skills at level 70 or 1 skill at level 100, you can report players for breaking chat rules by right clicking their name in chat and select report player. You can also report whispers, which does not have a requirement to report. Mods and Devs can see all reports against players. If there is a report made against a mod, only Devs (Margus and Reside) are capable of seeing those reports. Reports are viewed and either approved or disapproved, so we encourage you to not make false reports, as this can lead to disciplinary action taken against the person creating false reports. These reports are meant to assist the mod and dev team for when they are not online and when a member of the team misses a line or two of chat that needs to be handled by a mod or dev. If a certain number of reports are made by different players about the same line of text within a short amount of time, the server does have the capability of muting the person the report was made against. It is highly important that the report feature is not abused and reports are only on lines that break chat rules.

Furthermore, if any situations arise that are not covered in this and a staff member has to step in to take control and diffuse the situation, it is up to the staff member to use their own discretion as to what action to take and this will be edited to reflect the situation for any possible further instances.

The RPG MO Code of Conduct (Game Rules) can be found at https://mo.ee/rules.html

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2X experience!
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